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I came to Hawaii from Ontario, Canada in 1996 to escape the cold and have been a Big Island resident ever since. I began my career in real estate after 8 years experience in the construction and building industry where I met my husband, a Hilo native and General Contractor. In our spare time we are involved in a non-profit dedicated to bringing affordable housing to low income families through the training and counseling of teenagers in a construction capacity.

I am passionate and enthusiastic about real estate and I strive for excellence in what I do. To this end, education is very important to me–just ask me what class I am signed up for next! My primary goal in keeping current with market and industry trends is to bring the power of that knowledge to the table to benefit my clients.

I feel that I have been blessed through the experience of being a Realtor and consider it my privilege to work with you. As a multi-million dollar producer, I treat every transaction, big or small, with the highest degree of professionalism. My passion is to make your dreams a reality. My commitment is to your satisfaction with your real estate transaction. Please contact me if I can be of assistance as you prepare to list your property or begin your Big Island home search.


“I learned a lot from buying a home. Being a single person on a modest salary made it more difficult than for a family with two breadwinners. I had wanted to buy a home for decades, but every time I tried the prices kept going up faster than I could qualify for. I also wanted a particular kind of home and I knew that it would be difficult enough just to find that vision.

Early on in the house hunting process, I started to realize that not all real estate salespeople want to look out for you and help as much as Rose Delfin. She was tireless in her quest to find the perfect home for ME. It wasn’t a sale she was after, but my complete happiness and satisfaction. She took as much time as was needed and more to get to know me, my tastes, how much I could afford and assist me over the humps and delays. She never lost her drive or desire to make sure that all obstacles were cleared away, all problems were solved. She has a gift, a good heart, she truly cares about people, she has a die hard personality and an ability to make problems go away or come out right. I had tried 3-4 other real estate salespersons before her and I couldn’t get them to help me. There is a lot more to buying a home than just picking one out and applying for a loan at the bank. Rose Delfin is able to find the viable solutions necessary, no matter what the problem and gave her all in supporting and assisting me with the home buying process.”

Rose was on top of everything and always answered any questions we had.  She did an awesome job with everything

Rose is an excellent, knowledgeable agent and you should be proud to have her on your staff.

I thought Rose was very helpful and informative

She was very knowledgeable in the whole process.  Great job!

Rose was very responsive to my questions and made herself available beyond normal working hours.

Rose did a great job for me, kept me informed and had the patience of ‘Job’.

Rose is very professional, thorough, helpful, and goes above & beyond to do research & take care of everything that comes up.

Dear Robert G. Williams,

Although my partner and I have completed the survey/evaluation you recently sent to us about our experience with Prudential Orchid Isle Properties, I feel compelled to write this letter in order to express more of my feelings about working with your agent Rose Delfin.

Buying a home in an area that you know little to nothing about can be quite challenging.  For this reason my partner Kevin and I decided to search out a realtor in Hilo that we could both feel comfortable working with.  For me this was no easy task.  I have always had a strong distrust and dislike for realtors.  I have believed that they were overpaid and did not deserve or work hard enough for the commission they “earned”.  This attitude developed by having to deal with realtors while purchasing and selling our previous two (2) homes.

We interviewed a couple of realtors back in May while on a trip to Hilo following up on some employment leads.  Rose was the last realtor we interviewed and both Kevin and I were quite impressed.  She seemed very competent and confident, and yet down to earth and easy to talk to.  Her knowledge of the Hilo area and the changing housing market of these turbulent times told us she was someone who stayed on top of the business.  She answered all of our questions well and didn’t hesitate as we threw more and more challenges at her.  It did not take us long at all to decide that we felt comfortable working with Rose as our realtor as we prepared to transition our life to Hawaii and to Hilo specifically.

What transpired in the months following was truly amazing.  I was so impressed with how hard Rose worked with and for us! We communicated regularly via email and phone as we searched for a home to buy while still on the mainland.  When we came back to Hilo in July, Rose had arranged for us to look at a number of houses.  There were two we were very interested in.  Rose’s research on one of the homes turned up issues with a title that the listing agent wasn’t even aware of, even though the house had been on the market for over 2 years?!  We then made an offer on another house that wasn’t accepted.  Rose remained positive and promised that we would eventually find just the right house.

As all the details of leaving our jobs, selling our house and packing up everything to move to Hawaii overwhelmed us, Rose stayed in constant contact keeping us updated in all listings in our price range.  As it became clear that we were not going to be able to purchase a house before arriving in Hilo, Rose actually helped us to find a rental to live in!  This truly seemed above and beyond the call of duty.  We arrived in Hilo in late October and again Rose took care of all the details of arranging for us to look at several houses.

Eventually, with Rose’s help, we did in fact find a great house to buy and we closed on it just a few weeks ago.  Rose made the whole escrow process very understandable and easy for us to go through.  Again, I am sure she did a lot of extra realtor stuff in order to guide us smoothly through to the final purchase.  We can’t wait to transform this house into our new home.

What I have come to realize is that my dislike and distrust of realtors stemmed from the fact that I never really worked with a REALTOR – a true professional of the caliber of Rose Delfin – someone who commits themselves so fully to the purpose of helping others find a place to call home.  I do not know how we could have made this move to Hawai’I without her help.

You are very lucky to have Rose as an associate.  I hope you recognize this fact and give her all the support and praise she so truly deserves.

We have and will continue to recommend Rose and Orchid Isle Properties to everyone we know who is looking to buy or sell a house in the Hilo area.

Hi Rose,


This is the second transaction we have worked on together and in both cases your work was thoughtful, thorough, and caring.  In short, exemplary.

I am sure that you will have a long and illustrious career ahead of you.  I would be happy to work with you again, anytime.

Rose was nothing short of excellent from start to finish.  We would recommend her anytime!

She (Rose) looks out for my best interest on price, possible disclosure problems, etc.

She (Rose) did more than anyone could ask for!  Please thank her for me in doing such a wonderful job in helping me through a hard time!

If I could give a 10 to my real estate agent, I would.  Rose Delfin kept on top of everything.  If she hadn’t, we would have lost the home!  We can’t say enough how grateful we are to Rose.

Rose is unique in a way that she genuinely cares and goes out of her way to provide all information necessary that a client could ask for and does so in a timely manner.  I will recommend her to all my friends.  Rose is certainly a gem to your real estate company and to the people she serves!

Rose was perfect.

Rose was amazing.  We would have lost our house if she hadn’t found out that the loan wasn’t funded.  She went out of her way to get to get things connected when our loan officer was out on sick leave.  The other time Rose found out that there was a title issue & by helping us (she recommended we have the house inspected and appraised) while the issue was being settled.  This goes above and beyond the call of duty!  If the issue had not been settled we would have lost lots of money  – she put the pressure on the seller to get everything done!

Rose Delfin is one of your greatest assets!

Rose was excellent and very professional.  She was timely in response, and on top of areas needing follow up.  I couldn’t have asked for a better agent!

Your services exceeded my expectations.

This was our second transaction with Rose.  In all our years of real estate dealings she is the most competent agent we have dealt with.

We live in Pennsylvania – near Philadelphia – 6000 miles away.  Rose took care of everything.  She was on top of everything and anticipated things before they happened.  Our daughter lives in Hawaii and Rose helped and communicated with her about the house.  We have purchased several properties here in PA and this one in Hawaii went extremely smoothly and was, by and for, one of the easiest sales we have ever made, thanks to Rose’s help and expertise.  She set us up with an excellent finance person, who was equally as helpful.

Rose also has a very informative website.  We knew very little about water catchment systems and post & pier construction.  There is a wealth of information there.

Rose was great.


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